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Project Description

A packaged experience of Windows Live technology, in a box.

By the way, please go to if something isn't covered well.
If you want to try liveinabox without the installation hassle, go to - now there's a virtual lab of an older version of liveinabox running there. We're reving so fast, it's difficult to keep up.

Windows Live is starting to look like an interesting platform :)

What's New

  • 0.36 now released. The script references have been forwarded to The try*control simple mashups have been updated to exercise the latest color changing features in the controls.
  • We've had a number of people asking to join liveinabox - there's a paper process that is currently being electronic-ized ... i'm waiting from the codeplex gods for the specific sample text i'm to paste into here. Sorry to keep people waiting. We'll get on this as soon as we enter May.

Project Home Page

We're web enthusiasts, and we find Windows Live to be interesting. We're somewhat related to it too:P
This project familiarizes you with the following, using a slew of sample applications which you can walk through in an hour - it's the fastest way to learn about Windows Live. After you've tried this project, please leave feedback. If you'd like to join this project as a web enthusiast, let us know. We're looking for enthusiasts who want to have fun!!

Some notes

The amount of incoming sample is starting to dwarf integration efforts ... we will be exploring other ways of packaging all these samples in a more agile manner (perhaps have multiple sln files packages in the MSI as opposed to the 1 sln model we currently have).



  • 5/2 0.3 has been hotfixed, with 3 solution files instead of 1 - LiveBoxDE (for simple samples which only rely on, LiveBoxDEFx3 (for samples which rely on netfx3), LiveBoxDEID (for samples which rely on the Windows Live ID runtimes). This is expected to be uploaded tonight.
  • 4/24 in preparation for MIX07 ( the Windows Live ID folks, and Virtual Earth folks offered some samples to include in liveinabox. Go check it out.
  • 3/29 Mashupguy contributed a workflow sample. That's what jacked up the version from 0.1 to 0.2 - it's a cool way of orchestrating multiple web services together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: This doesn't work on Vista!! (reported by panayak)
    • A: The MSI does work on vista - it's just that the Vista User Account Control gets in the way ... :( Hopefully (crossing fingers) VS2005 copes with this problem in their setup project soon (since that's what's used to build the MSI).
    • Here's what you need to do.
    • (0) make sure that you have the optional "IIS 6 Management Compatibility" option installed within IIS7. Please read ScottGu's blog for a more thorough coverage @
    • (1) when you agree to the license for download, it raises a save or run dialog - save the MSI to your desktop
    • (2) after you've downloaded the MSI, go to Start | All Programs | Accessories and then right click on command prompt. Choose Run as administrator from the popup menu
    • (3) in the opened up command prompt go type \users\<your user name>\desktop\liveboxsetup.msi - this executes Windows Installer under the administrator context and gets you unblocked.
    • (4) let us know if this works - and sorry about the inconvenience
  • Q: How are you going to ensure the code quality (asked by Yousef)
    • A: It's not perfect today, but I (kojikato) will be policing all code changes to ensure there is no malicious content. We are being very careful on the people who we add as developers or coordinators (who have checkin rights). Developers and coordinators should contact kojikato when they want to check in something ... ideally we'd have automatic code scanners to ensure sufficient quality, but hey that's startrek
  • Q: I just want to look at the source!! (repoted by panayak)
    • A: It's not obvious but if you go to the source code tab, and click the down arrows, you get a zip snapshot at each stage of the source code. You can also browse into the source code by clicking browse from the source code tab.
  • Q: What'da you mean when you say 'related'?
    • A: I won't hide it, I work at Microsoft. Some of my partners in crime are related to Microsoft as well. But we're human and web enthusiasts before we are Microsoft.
  • Q: What 'stuff' is covered in this?
    • A: We're starting with search, maps, social apps, wpfe, activities, web gadgets, and workflow. We will continue to rev this based on suggestions and contributions from the 'enthusiasts'!
  • Q: How long will it take me to run thru the course?
    • A: It depends, but even 10 minutes in this project will be time well spent. Please try it, and let us know.

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